Who Are We?

‘OUR PLACE’ is a University of York and Swansea University pilot project. The project aims to assess the need for DIY digital-archiving resources among live music venues, and put measures in place to equip community venues with knowledge, tools and techniques to safeguard their memories.

Why We Care?

From folk clubs to club nights, live music venues and initiatives are deeply embedded in community life and are home to rich local and personal memories. However, without any form of preservation, important records, artifacts and other materials that tell these venues’ stories are at risk of being lost or damaged.

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Our Goals

Preserving community memories.

OurPlace team and contributors:

Rachel Cowgill, Alan Dix, Hilary Orange

Chris Sherrington, Victoria Hoyle, Charlotte Armstrong

Lizzie Hodgson, Andy Egerton, Frankie Perry

In collaboration with: